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Traditional and Enchanting Church Weddings

St. John the Evangelist at Pauntley, is a beautiful, small Norman Church situated just next door to Pauntley Court Wedding Venue. 

There is a strong, natural historic affinity between  Pauntley Church, and Pauntley Court, which goes back a long way. Dick Whittington (born at Pauntley Court  in 1352) would have been baptised in this church and it is certain that he would have worshipped here as a little boy. Both he and his nephew made fortunes from ransom money at the Battle of Agincourt (1415) and this resulted in the Whittington Chapel being built to the south of the organ. The stained glass windows in the West Tower window bear the Whittington family crest.

The last member of the Whittington family to live at Pauntley was Elinor Fettiplace, nee Poole.  Her father, Sir Giles, was an Elizabethan entrepreneur who almost certainly built the Dovecote and possibly the Cornmill.  It is most probable that Elinor would have married here.  Elinor’s daughter, Elizabeth died in childhood and her commemorative plaque is on the north wall.

Not forgetting too, that Mark and Melissa were married in this church in October 1996 and all three of their children were christened here too.  So they feel very passionate about the Pauntley Church and love to take couples to see inside.

If you and your partner, are religious or spiritual and have an understanding of the Church of England, then a joyous marriage ceremony in Pauntley Church, could be a wonderful way to tie the knot! 


Why choose a Pauntley Court church wedding?

For the perfect way to combine history and romance, you can choose to have your church ceremony here in Pauntley Church, even if you are not a part of the Parish of Pauntley. 

The history of this church dates back over 800 years and overlooks the beautiful Leadon Valley and neighbouring countryside.

The church itself can comfortably seat  your friends and family and is perfect for a smaller  wedding, including the more intimate elopements or micro weddings.


Photo taken by David Liebst

What to expect from your church wedding

You can spend the morning of your wedding day getting ready in one of the many charming bedrooms at Pauntley  Court. Each one has its unique feel and story, so it may be difficult to choose a favourite! 

Once you are ready, you will hear the bells at Pauntley Church calling out across to Pauntley Court, letting you know to start your  short and magical stroll through the private gardens. When you arrive at the church you can enjoy your relaxed, planned-out ceremony.

After the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy the walk through the stunning gardens back to the main house as newlyweds. We have even had musicians leading some couples and their wedding guest entourage, playing them all back to their reception party, a stones throw away.  There will be welcome drinks and canapes waiting at the main house, in the beautiful gardens or under our stretch tent. Then it’s onto the ballroom or under the hornbeams or stretch tent  for a night of wining, dining, and dancing under the stars.


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How long is a church wedding ceremony?

A church wedding ceremony usually lasts between 30 and 50 minutes. The exact time will be dependent on the readings and hymns that you choose to be included.


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Can you say your own vows in a church wedding?

The vows are an essential and binding part of the Church of England marriage contract. Outside of church weddings, it is often normal for the couple to write their own vows. However, in church weddings, this is not the case and although you may be able to say something additional during the ceremony, it is important that the religious based vows themselves remain unchanged.

The choice of your hymns, the flowers you choose, readings by friends and family, the musical interlude while you sign the registry and of course the wedding gown you are  wearing, are some of the very special ways you can make your wedding ceremony in the church individual for you.  And oh yes, make sure you don’t forget your rings!!


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Do you have to be religious to have a church wedding?

To have a church wedding many think you must be Christian, or christened, however, this is not the case. Although being a Christian and marrying in a Christian setting will add to the magic of the day, you may be someone who is not hugely religious but respects the tradition or the spiritualism surrounding the church,  which is completely fine! 

The only requirement for the church wedding is for the couple to attend a service once a month at Pauntley Church in the 6 consecutive months leading up to the wedding, and this is also a great way to feel more connected with the Parish of Pauntley and learn about some of the church's interesting history! Kat, the Pauntley Church Reverend, is warm and welcoming and so enjoys meeting couples from outside of the Parish.  Kat will always do her utmost to accommodate couples in their busy lives and will allow you to attend a service in Dymock or Redmarley if the Pauntley service times do not fit into your schedule in the 6 months leading up to your wedding.


Photo taken by David Liebst

How much does a church wedding cost?

Getting married in a church will not add much extra to the cost of the day, and is a great way to contribute to the ongoing upkeep of the historic Norman church, St John the Evangelist. 

The ceremony itself costs £512, this includes £16 for the marriage certificate, organist fees of £85, and bell ringer fees of £60.

If you are thinking of a church wedding, Melissa and Mark will happily show you up to the church when you come to visit.  Then you will get in touch with Sue Bartlett, one of the church wardens and the church wedding coordinator.  You can also contact Kat Mepham, the Reverend directly. 

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