A Winter Micro Wedding at Pauntley Court.

Header photo by Katrina Bartlam

Why Choose Pauntley Court for Your Winter Micro Wedding

Every season is breathtaking at Pauntley Court, however, we believe that winter holds an individual enchantment of its own unique ‘flavour’ that is hard to replicate. ’Grand in Nature, Intimate by Design’ - Pauntley really is the perfect venue for the more bespoke and intimate winter wedding.  


The innate beauty of the frost-sparkled yew gardens and the glinting clipped box hedges, with vistas of the rolling countryside beyond, all wrapped under a blanket of crimson sunlight, needs to be seen to be believed. Whilst inside, Pauntley Court’s welcoming, warm, and homely atmosphere, glows a golden hue with log fires a blaze. It is a special and very unique family owned home and estate for you to enjoy exclusively for three days and two nights.


Leave your busy lives behind, escape to the Gloucestershire countryside for your weekend wedding.  As you crest the hill, Pauntley Court’s pinky-terracotta walls peek through the oak trees lining the main drive, with the Dovecote and the Norman church as neighbours.  

On stepping inside the entrance hall, you are instantly hit by the enchanting character and warmth that pervades throughout the whole house, and provides an indescribable or ‘je ne sais quoi’ feeling, to your stay with us, and winter wedding celebration. 

Looking out into the countryside

A winter wedding weekend away in the Gloucestershire countryside. Photo by Katrina Bartlam

Imagine the people you love most in the world, all gathered together for a whole weekend… and for you and your partner to create the most unforgettable memories of your wedding day. Arrive on the Friday, and settle in straight away, making Pauntley Court your home, with everyone staying together in luxurious and beautifully appointed bedrooms. Coming together to laugh, chat, or play games in the Panelled Room in front of the large open fireplace, or relax in the Pink Room, or just hang out in the cosy farmhouse kitchen around the island near the aga.  Enjoy three days and two nights with your wedding day in the middle, what could be more decadent and spoiling!


The panelled room

Photo by David Liebst

Gather for a delicious Friday night supper in the large kitchen, and serving up a tipple from behind the bespoke Wild Duck Bar in the Panelled Room. All this against the backdrop of the crackling log fire, whilst the sun goes down framed by the huge window looking out onto the Courtyard, gets your weekend off to the perfect start.


Setting up the kitchen

Photo by Katrina Bartlam

Rachel, our wonderful housekeeper, can come in at any point over your stay, to tidy up, cook and generally make you and your guests feel relaxed, happy and stress free!


The Wedding Day

Wake up and look out across the rolling Gloucestershire countryside, before having breakfast with your close family and friends. Then start to get ready for your BIG day; pamper yourself with your make-up artist, and hair stylist, and then get changed into your amazing dress (or for the chaps, your drop-dead suit) for your wedding ceremony.

Bride getting ready

Photo by Katrina Bartlam



Your Indoor Civil Ceremony in the Panelled Room

A civil ceremony in the Panelled Room is a wonderfully relaxed and atmospheric ceremony space. The terracotta colours, the deep coloured wood panelling, hand painted ceiling and the huge open fireplace all make this room a very unique place for your small and intimate indoor ceremony.

Panelled room ceremony

Photo by Pat Partridge 

Why not ask your florist to create a garland to go over the mantelpiece and add some fairy lights and hurricane lamps with candles, with some wintery scents such as cinnamon and spice. The Panelled Room is beautiful in its own right, and a perfect space for your guests to witness your marriage.

Micro wedding in the panelled room

Photo by Katrina Bartlam


Tips for your Winter Wedding Theme

There are so many options when it comes to winter wedding themes. Use rich jewel tones, lots of foliage and sparkly lights to help orchestrate your fairytale winter micro-wedding theme. Think forest green, deep red, burnt orange and bold blues which will complement the winter landscape and naturally fit in alongside the warm colours of the interiors at Pauntley Court. These colours also look great with metallic accents like gold, silver or bronze.


Bouquet options for winter weddings are also unique and made to stand out, whether you want roses, poinsettia, snowdrops or amaryllis you can add to the winter vibes with the addition of other foliage options such as thistles, pinecones and holly, tied together with decadent velvet. Oh and don’t forget the mistletoe!!

Couple on the stairs

Photo by Katrina Bartlam


A Festive Feast and Fabulous Cocktails from the Wild Duck Bar

To complement your winter wedding we can help you incorporate the wonder of winter into your micro-wedding menu. Dine in the elegant Ballroom with a banqueting table in the centre of room under the stunning chandeliers. 

The Ballroom

Photo by Pat Partridge 

Wintery flavours and food will leave your guest feeling comforted, satisfied, and enlivened. Consider baked camembert and little pastry appetisers before moving onto a flavoursome, delicious meal such as beef wellington, spiced nut roast, tagines or stews. Think in-season accompaniments like roasted root vegetables, and indulgent potato dishes like Dauphinoise or Boulangere.

Food by Ross & Ross caterers

Food by Ross & Ross Caterers. Photo by Pat Partridge 

You can truly push the boat out when it comes to desserts at a winter micro wedding, think creme brulee, chocolate lava cake, and gingerbread themes. Of course, a beautiful board of local sourced Gloucestershire cheeses never disappoints. Talk to your chosen preferred caterer for inspiration and advice.

Your drink choices can also be wintery and fun, whether it is cocktails with winter flavours like cloves, rosemary, and orange or warming drink options like mulled wine and cider or hot toddies.

Espresso Martini tower

Photo by Pat Partridge


An Espresso Martini tower can be a showstopper, we loved helping Fabio of The Watering Hole Events Bar create this in the main hall beneath the hand-painted ceiling. Link to The Watering Hole Events Bar 

Ask the Watering Hole Events Bar, our preferred bar company, about cocktails and whatever you would like for your wedding day.

Meal at intimate wedding

Photo by Katrina Bartlam


Consider an Outdoor Ceremony 

When it comes to winter micro weddings, it is worth not writing off an outdoor ceremony straight away. Having your ceremony outdoors can be beautiful! At Pauntley Court we have six outdoor licensed spaces. The gardens are so full of structure and form even in the winter months, with the evergreen yew and clipped box hedges. Be sure to let your guests know in advance to bring extra layers if you opt for an outdoor ceremony. You can also provide a blanket basket on the day.

Outside with sparklers

Photo by Katrina Bartlam


Embrace the Rain

Of course, we can’t talk about planning a wedding in the UK without mentioning the possibility of rain. While we can’t change the weather for you, we can certainly help you to embrace it. The rain can make for some fantastic photos, you can even match umbrellas to your theme to tie it all together. 


Not only can the rain be a beautiful wedding addition, but it is also good luck! Rain on your wedding day is good luck because it signifies that your marriage will last. As you know, a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel! We can thank Hindu traditions for this belief.

Dressing for the Season

Many suits will be extremely comfortable in winter, with layers and a heavy jacket already incorporated, a winter wedding also makes heavier materials like tweed and wool comfortable possibilities, which would not be the case in warmer months, and for any Scots out there, the Tartan can come out too! 

When it comes to a wedding dress, you’ll be able to find something truly unique and showstopping. Ask your wedding boutique about layering options, from fur boleros to capes or a unique jacket.


Finding a Wintery Venue for your Micro Wedding

Not all venues are winter wedding-ready. You’ll want to look around and find somewhere that exudes a magical festive charm. With cosy indoor spaces. 

Venues like Pauntley Court, that are accustomed to hosting winter weddings, are often well-equipped to handle any adverse weather conditions, ensuring your special day proceeds seamlessly without any disruptions and that you and your guests are warm and cosy all weekend.


Book in Advance

Summer wedding season is known for being popular, however, more and more people are embracing the benefits and originality of a winter wedding. So book your venue early to avoid missing out on your dream venue, or having to push back your proposed date. Whilst it is a busy time for Pauntley Court, we still have some great winter weekend dates available and into December, the Festive tree in the Panelled Room is a brilliant focal point in this room. 

Winter hornbeam arches

Photo by Katrina Bartlam

A winter micro wedding is the perfect way to celebrate love. Contact us today and take the first step towards an unforgettable and enchanting wedding day!

EXCITING NEWS - We have just two very special December dates still free!


6/7/8 December and 13/14/15 December 2024 -  We will be offering an extra night for the couple in the romantic and beautiful Elinor Fettiplace wing with a welcome hamper including a bottle of fizz made at our local vineyard - The Three Choirs Vineyard, to be taken either on the Thursday or the Sunday.  


Get in touch today and send an email to Melissa@pauntleycourt.com

Christmas in the panelled room

Photo by Jon Thorne Photography

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The wedding day itself was a dream come true. The September sun shone and the venue was transformed into a scene of pure romance.  We got to eat under the hornbeam trees and just as we had envisioned and our guests were truly impressed. The seamless coordination by the staff ensured that everything ran like clockwork, allowing us to relax and fully immerse ourselves in the joy of the moment. The team's dedication to making our day special was evident in every aspect, and their positive energy added an extra layer of happiness to the celebration.


The beauty of Pauntley Court is not just in its physical surroundings but in the people who make it come alive. The venue and its team contributed significantly to the success of our wedding day, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Bride & Groom - September 2023


Photo by Jessica Piazza Photography

- Natasha & Taylor